A Moratorium on School Privatization 

The evidence is clear and aligns with the lived experience of parents, students and community residents in America’s cities:

25,000 Community Schools by 2025

We know what works. America ranks 19th in the world in education, but 2nd when poverty is not a factor.

End Zero Tolerance Policies in Public Education NOW

Zero tolerance is an education policy rooted in racism and the criminalization of Black and Brown youth.

Equity Mandates for Public Education at the Local & State Level

We call for a National Equity Assessment for public schools in the United States. Inequity goes far beyond the funding of public schools.

Stop the Attack on Black Teachers 

J4J is deeply concerned that across the United States, the number of Black teachers is in sharp decline.

End State Takeovers, Appointed School Boards & Mayoral Control

We have a crisis in school governance. The overwhelming majority of state takeovers, mayoral control and appointed school boards exists in cities that serve primarily Black and Brown families.

Eliminate the Over-Reliance on Standardized Tests in Public Schools

J4J wants an end to punitive, high stakes standardized tests. Require districts to use tests for assessment only, with multiple assessment tools utilized to evaluate student growth and needs.